a-naphthaleneacitic acid /NAA CAS. No.:  86-87-3

a-naphthaleneacitic acid /NAA CAS. No.: 86-87-3

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a-naphthaleneacitic acid /NAA CAS. No.: 86-87-3
Molecular formula: C12H9O2Na
Cas no: 86-87-3
Physical and chemical character:
White crystal odorless powder, boiling point at 265.5, stable in property and incombustible, high purity, easily dissolved in water and organic solvents.
Mechanism of action:
a-naphthaleneacitic acid, a wide-broad, somatotrophin-like growth regulator in plants, It produces significant effects in promoting development of pointed ends for the root system, resulting in more, straighter and thicker roots. NAA can increase fruit setting ratio,prevent fruit dropping,promote flower sex ratio,It can translate nutrition from leaves, leam,root.
single use:
It can be prepared into water aqua, emulsion oil, power and other types singly.
compounded use: 
Compound with sodium nitrophenolate. Both of them improve each other's efficiency, with double functions, broadening their spectrum.
Compound with insecticide, bactericide and fertilizer (especially trace fertilizer),
It can eliminate antagonism, double fertilizer performance, lengthen fertilizer efficacy and improve fertilizer efficiency when compounded with fertilizer (trace fertilizer).
Package: 25kg/ fiber drum.
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